Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful

Debut Short Contemporary Romance from Jessica Serra Huizenga!

Release Date: February 1st 2016

Crazy Beautiful Series, Book #1 (each book can be read standalone, but reading in order is recommended)


Kinsley Moore and Lucas Graham make great friends.

They make even better friends with benefits…

Kinsley Moore doesn’t believe in love. As an independent, self-determined entrepreneur, she has other things to worry about. Besides, she knows guys are incapable of commitment, so there’s no use getting close.

But when she meets Lucas Graham, her new landlord’s flirty, sexy son, she’s more than up for some casual fun.

Lucas is in no way looking for a relationship either, so when he’s offered a no-strings, strictly friends-with-benefits hookup with a beautiful girl, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Hes not able to give his heart away, so its perfect Kinsley prefers to keep emotions out of their arrangement.

Except when Lucas and Kinsley start to feel something more, their complicated pasts threaten to overshadow any chance they might have at a future together.

Can Lucas prove he’s capable of love?

Can Kinsley believe she is enough?

**This books is for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content**



“The premise here is simple really, two strangers meet, witty banter ensues, cue sexy times and *BOOM* they might just have found something neither of them knew they wanted, and therein lies the beauty of this delightful debut, because while the friends with benefits plot has been done copious times before, Crazy Beautiful, was fun, sexy and witty, with enough angst to draw you in, and keep you turning the pages, nothing about this book felt overdone, nothing felt tired, the dynamic between Kinsley and Lucas captured my attention, the chemistry between them felt real and raw, their friends hijinks kept me giggling and I. COULD. NOT. PUT. IT .DOWN!!” – Glass Paper Ink Bookblog

“Guys!!!! This debut novel by Jessica Serra Huizenga had me hooked from the very first line!! I seriously could not stop grinning, like if you were watching me read you may think I was slightly crazy and well, I was crazy about this beautifully, sexy, funny and emotional book!! I could not put it down!” – The Romance Room Blog

“I literally read the whole book cover to cover in one sitting. I kept pushing back what I had to do because I didn’t want to put it down.” – AB

“I have read more books of this category than I want to admit..(Yup, this house definitely could be cleaner!)…Just seems that lately, none of them can keep my interest…’Crazy Beautiful’ pulled me in!…I couldn’t stop reading…I wanted more!” – LF

“Keep writing – I want more, and I’m betting lots of other people will want more after they read this first one.” – LG